Smut with Heart

The Way You Say

The Way You Say by Dar Mavison is now available at Dreamspinner Press in paperback or  Ebook.

Australian adventurer Adam Yager arrives in Athens for a conference and meets a colleague from the past: Dmitri Pryce, a brilliant archaeologist, a charming individual, and a beautiful man. Adam has never found a man beautiful before, not like this, and between remembrances of the dig in Tanzania four years ago and talk of more recent work, Adam does his best to keep his arousal hidden… until he blurts out his admiration for the way Dmitri says the word “ass.” And once Adam’s said it out loud, it’s too late to take it back.

Dmitri remembers lusting after Adam four years ago with painful clarity, but he made himself get over his crush and accept Adam’s friendship at face value. Now, as a documentary of the dig they both worked on is about to be released to the public, Adam clearly wants more, but Dmitri believes their opportunity to have passed. Except Adam is unwilling to miss this once in a lifetime chance to really get to know Dmitri and explore the passion they both feel.

Read an excerpt here…  …Dmitri’s lips moved so well when he talked, Adam thought. It was no wonder he’d been chosen to star in the documentary. He would make archaeology interesting to the most dispassionate viewer. Adam couldn’t wait to see the finished movie, to see Dmitri bigger than life on the screen talking about the work he loved so much. Dmitri was practically made for the screen, and not only because of the way he looked, but because of the sounds that came out of his mouth. His enunciation was quite enthralling. There was something about his accent—crisp and British—that made him sound cultured, even when he was being vulgar.

Actually, there was an odd disconnect when Dmitri used slang or swore. Dmitri certainly swore often enough, proficiently enough, but even at his most earthy he had an old-fashioned primness about him. He swore as if he was quoting from an ancient text, and the words were foreign, or at least archaic. Maybe that was because he’d been brought up among academics. Although the academics might have been the ones who’d taught him to swear—they could be a filthy lot at times, no matter how refined their intonation.

Adam’s own accent was harsher, broader—“Strine” all the way—and even though he’d always hated posh accents, Adam liked Dmitri’s accent, so much so he wanted to hear him say dirty things with it. The way Dmitri said the word fuck made it sound like something proper and educational you did in between digging up artifacts and teatime. Adam had to concentrate on not imagining Dmitri saying dirty things, just in case that might lead him to him think about fucking Dmitri in between digging up artifacts and teatime. It was hard enough to keep from embarrassing himself as it was, now that he was back to staring at Dmitri’s lips.

“I always wanted an older brother. You’d be perfect,” Dmitri said.

That was almost as bad as hearing Dmitri say something dirty. Adam couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea. Brothers—where the hell had that come from? They barely knew each other. They were colleagues, that’s all. Colleagues who had co-discovered a cave at the edge of the Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania, and who were both at the conference to present their findings. They’d worked together, been excited about the discovery together. No big deal. Nothing to warrant comment.

There was the erection, unabated since the airport in spite of the orgasm in the men’s room. Okay, so, there was something between them—something indefinable—something that, on Adam’s end of it, was decidedly not brotherly.

The thing was he liked the kid; he really did. He’d liked Dmitri from the moment they’d met. Adam did feel protective of him, in a way, after all that had happened, perhaps even a bit brotherly toward him. That made the way Adam was staring at Dmitri’s lips feel even dirtier, because you do not look at your brother like that. It was wrong. It was indecent. But still, if Adam concentrated and thought of Dmitri more like a younger brother, maybe his erection would go away.

Adam’s older brother had been ruthless with him, so that was the solution. Adam would be tough on Dmitri. He would be critical, tease him, keep him in line. That was what an older brother would do, especially if he had a younger brother like Dmitri. “Brothers are tough on each other,” Adam said.“Good. That’s what I’ll expect, then,” Dmitri said brightly, “for you to be hard on me.”

Adam wanted nothing more than to be hard on Dmitri. He was a little ashamed of the images that being hard in relation to Dmitri brought to mind. They weren’t complete images, just flashes. Fragments of scenes. Things he did not fully want to admit to. Hell, he honestly did not like blokes that way. Not normally. But he’d never seen anyone lick his lips quite like that. And then there was the hair…


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